Client Resources

Monthly Reporting: Monthly reporting is available via the FTP site. Please contact HFS for access.

Daily Reporting: Historical transactional data is available via your Citrix login. This information is updated daily and includes completed transactions, backorders, and inventory details.

Special Reports: If you are unable to access the data that you need, please contact the Fulfillment Manager or the Customer Service Manager for a programming quote.

Citrix Access: Please contact HFS if you are experiencing difficulties or require login information for a new user.

Citrix for Mac - PDF
Citrix for PC - PDF
Recommended FTP solution - FileZilla

Please send us your Promotion Code Request forms at least 5 business days before the start of the promotion. If there are marketing materials that need to be proofed by HFS, please send those materials at least 5 business days in advance. This proofing process is an integral component to setting up any campaign/exhibit order form/promotion, etc. This step insures that our database carries the items you are promoting and that the pricing/taxation (when applicable at exhibits) /availability and so on, will match the information provided to the customers.

It is best practice to set an expiration date for promo codes. We recommend a maximum one-year period and have amended our Promotion Request form with this limit. We find that promos with finite periods tend to have higher response rate because of the implied sense of urgency. Also, bear in mind that you can advertise a code as active for a set period, but add some extra time in our system, when you send us the proof copy information. Please note that we can extend or reactivate codes. We know that some clients have singular, long-standing non-expiring codes and we can accommodate these within a reasonable limit. Please confirm which codes you would like us to maintain as non-expiring and we’ll maintain a list of those. Please contact the Fulfillment Manager or Customer Service Manager for the exception listing for non-expiring codes.

Promotion Requests Form - PDF
Promotions Instructions - PDF

Clients are encouraged to use the online order portal to complete these transactions but we continue to support the more manual method.

Many presses send out review copy enclosure orders by mailing us printed labels, enclosures, and order request form.   HFS is also able to accept electronic files for review copy requests and can create mailing labels and enclosure documents for you.  This allows you to send out books to multiple recipients without having to submit numerous requests or taking the time to print, and ship these documents to us.

Gratis Enclosure Form - PDF
Gratis Enclosure Instructions -PDF

Warehouse Address
HFS c/o Maple Logistics
Lebanon Distribution Center
704 Legionnaire Drive
Fredericksburg, PA 17026

Carton Label Specifications - PDF
Move-in Stock Specifications - PDF
Receiving Specifications - PDF

Print on Demand: HFS offers POD direct ships and consolidated orders from the warehouse. Additionally, clients can customize printing orders to include an initial print order and utilize the auto-restock option.
Digital short run printing is also available for orders in excess of 100 copies.

Conversion Services: HFS can convert PDF, XML, and page layout application files such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Word, to standard eBook formats.
Converted files can be encrypted with DRM which dictates content access, content usage, and governs dissemination.

Digital Asset Distribution: HFS offers digital asset distibution via Coresource.

Direct-to-Consumer e-Book Sales: HFS enables clients to sell ebooks directly to consumers from their website.

HFS Digital Manual Request
Digital Gratis Request

Periodically, royalty data will need to be submitted to HFS. Please ensure that you are using the form and instructions below:

Royalty Data Template - Excel
Royalty Data Instructions - PDF

Updates and new title data should be sent to HFS every week by Wednesday.