Our Team

Stock photo of Davida Breier

Davida Breier
Fulfillment Operations Manager

Davida Breier has worked in publishing in various capacities for over 20 years. She considers herself to be an international connoisseur of potato chips.

Terrence Melvin snapped at his desk while he was helping a client

Terrence Melvin
Customer Service Supervisor

Terrence has inspired the HFS staff since he joined in 2015. His prior experience working at a distributor and bookstore gives him unique insight into client and customer needs.

Candid photo of Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Chris graduated from Temple Univ with a degree in Political Science. In his free time he likes playing sports and watching movies.

Linda Edmonds enjoying her job

Linda Edmonds
Customer Service Rep

Linda has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. She gets her daily steps in by doing laps around the conference table.

Edwina Tito-Vinton preparing her next recipe

Edwina Tito-Vinton
Accounting Assistant

Edwina enjoys cooking (she really means eating). Despite her fear of hammocks she loves the blue waters of St. Martin.

the back of Alicia Catlos hunched over her desk

Alicia Catlos
Customer Service Coordinator

Pure of heart despite more than 30 years’ experience in customer service. She is often adorned in tees with sardonic quips.

Patrice Wright smiling near her desk

Patrice Wright
Senior Customer Service Rep

Prefers Acronyms. Thoughtful. Resourceful. Intuitive. Courteous. Exuberant.

Darlene Sparks

Darlene Sparks
Office Clerk

For 19 years, Darlene has provided critical digital and general office support for all of HFS. She is well known as "Chips."

Courtney Spies explaining something

Courtney Spies
Senior Customer Service Rep

Courtney says the owls are not what they seem, unless of course, they are exactly what they seem.

Courtney Spies explaining something

Jessica Bland
Customer Service Rep

Don’t wait for tomorrow do it all today. If tomorrow never comes, you’ll never regret a day.

Kenneth Archie smiling on steps

Kenneth Archie
Customer Service Rep

Kenneth is our phone answering champion. He lived in Germany for three years and loves to travel.

Ingrid Garcia thinking about tacos

Kara Harris
Data Specialist

When Kara is not managing data for work, she enjoys managing data for fun. She drinks ice cold coffee all year round.