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Superior Book Distribution for Scholarly Publishers

HFS clients enjoy the convenience, speed, and service once experienced only by large publishers.

Unparalleled customer service. Orders can be processed via toll-free phone calls, by fax, online, or by mail. The latest e-commerce technology facilitates electronic ordering and confirmation. Our user-friendly shopping cart interface allows your customers to order online from your company's website. Best of all, our experienced customer service representatives are trained to answer questions and solve problems with courtesy and professionalism.

Fast, accurate order processing. Most orders are shipped within two days. We use the latest scanning technology to process and confirm electronic orders, track shipments, adjust inventory, and process returns.

Secure, online access to sales and inventory data--in real time. As an HFS client, you have online access to critical data, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our software instantly records orders processed and inventory data as soon as orders are processed. You receive daily email updates on sales, with previous year comparisons. Monthly sales reports are delivered in a variety of formats.

State-of-the-art distribution facilities. Situated near major trucking routes, our climate controlled warehouse is staffed by experienced professionals who handle receiving, racked storage, pick-and-pack, drop and bulk shipping, individual cartoning, and returns processing.

eBook and digital distribution services. We offer start to finish assistance with your eBook files-from POD options and ePub and web PDF conversion services to file distribution to vendors and direct-to-consumer eBook sales from your website. Our digital services parallel many of our print services and endeavor to increase your sales volume.

Consolidated orders and shipments. Retailers and wholesalers can order titles from multiple HFS clients at once, and shipments are consolidated to speed delivery and save on freight.

Accounts receivable management and collection services. We pay you based on monthly net sales--not on sums collected. We handle credit and collections, and we work with your customers to resolve disputes, chargebacks, and unanticipated returns amicably and professionally.

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For more information contact:

Davida Breier, Manager
Hopkins Fulfillment Services (HFS)
410-516-6961 (phone)
410-516-6998 (fax)

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